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September 28, 2017 BY ADMIN

Big update

The other day I finally introduced the new update.

Chat is completely rebuilt, ground up. Top bar with options is introduced, with FAQ icon not yet being functional. Overall, it works somewhat differently than it did before. For the end-user, that will mostly be reflected in performance.

Front page is obviously changed (see link for old design). At first, other-than-chat sections of the website used wordpress. Their default themes were not satisfactory to my needs so instead of writing my own theme I built a simple publishing system. It may not have the functionality and security of wordpress version, but that will change with time. Current appearance is inspired by default 2017 wordpress theme.

In either case if you have any questions do post below, or contact me at: contact@poldare.com

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Be good, lad.

CONTACT: contact@poldare.com

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